No Public Services

Dear Church Family,

Due to the ongoing health crisis, we are converting our church services to live-stream online services.

1. All church services will be live-streamed only for the following two weeks. (Sunday, March 22 and Sunday, March 29 as well as Wednesday, March 18 and Wednesday, March 25). There will be no public gatherings at the church during those regular service times.

2. There will be no Sunday school classes on those specific days.

3. Buses will not be run during those two Sundays.

4. We would like to encourage our members to continue to support our church by sending in their tithes and offerings online or via regular mail to the church office. You may also come by during the week to drop off your offering.

Please understand that these drastic measures are meant for the health and safety of our church family and the general public. We look forward to resuming our regularly-scheduled services when deemed appropriate. Our trust is in the Lord as we implement these policies over the next few weeks.